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About Victoria Acre

We Are Regional Pioneers In The World Of PKS Energy

Victoria Acre Sdn. Bhd. is based in Malaysia, with the head office in Kuala Lumpur. It was first established on June 28, 2016. 

  • We are a supplier of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS), a palm oil extraction waste product that is used to replace fossil fuels such as coal to generate electricity and reduce carbon emissions. Victoria Acre supplies PKS to power producers in Japan.

How can PKS supplement your energy needs

Location and Stockpile

Strategically Located Stockpile


Bintulu Stockpile



Address: 97000 Tanjong Kiadurong, Sarawak, Malaysia

Lahad Datu Stockpile



Address: 91100 Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia

NCV (k/cal)
>3500 k/cal
Moisture (%)
Chlorine (ppm)
<700 ppm
Na + K (ppm)
<2500 ppm
Ash (%)
Foreign Matter (%)

PKS Sustainability Specifications

PKS - A clean source of Energy

Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) were originally dumped in the open, left to rot and negatively impacting our environment. However, due to its “fuel like properties”, it is now used to generate power and heating.  It presents itself as economically reliable renewable fuel.  

PKS creates a sustainable cycle

Regional Use Cases

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Singapore Content
In South Korea, the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) has replaced the FiT system in order to accelerate the country’s renewable energy deployment so as to create a competitive market environment for the sector. Power producers participating in the RPS system receive a certain amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – power generated from PKS qualifies for RECs.
The Japanese government pays a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for PKS-enabled electricity, deeming it a type of renewable energy. Under the FiT scheme, electric power companies are required to buy power generated by companies and households using renewable energy sources, at fixed rates for periods as long as 20 years.
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Our Commitment to GGL

Green Gold Label (GGL) is an international certification programme for sustainable biomass.

GGL was established in 2002 and is owned by the Green Gold Label Foundation. GGL is amongst the earliest biomass certification schemes. It has acquired a unique track record in the certification and tracking and tracing of sustainable biomass. Certification against GGL is done by independent, accredited third party certification bodies. GGL certification covers the complete supply chain from production, processing, transport to final use for bioenergy and biobased applications. The scope includes woody, Agri-residue, and waste wood biomass, as well as bioliquids.

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